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tiny house with a key next to it

Mortgage Trends that New Real Estate Agents Should Know

Are you planning on buying a home in 2019? If you are in need of a mortgage loan to make that happen then there are some important things that you should know. In terms of mortgage trends and industry development, understanding the current state of the market will be helpful to make better more informed […]

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The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate 2019

Across many articles written by a litany of writers across America, they all have stakes pitched on different housing markets anticipated for the upcoming year. By and large, though, nobody can really agree on any solid list. There are so many factors in play, and everyone’s picking up on different nuances and statistics of their […]

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two story house with a for sale sign in front

Best Places to Work in Real Estate

Are you a new real estate agent and ready to get out and start selling but don’t know where to find a place with the best real estate market? Or are you a seasoned realtor living in an area that is currently experiencing a real estate rut? If you are in a position to follow […]

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2020 Real Estate Trend Predictions

It was a crazy year for the housing market; the prices of homes went up 3.3% more than it did last year. The question is, will the prices continue to rise or will they plateau? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, find out what real estate trends are coming your way for 2020! Home […]

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