Haidy posing with her husband and two daughters on the beach

Bluepointer of the Week! – Haidy Ibrahim

Haidy Ibrahim is crazy about her family. She is a mom to two silly and smart girls who she couldn’t be more proud of! She is originally from Cairo, Egypt but is now living it up in the cool state of California. 

Haidy says the best thing about bluepoint MORTGAGE is that everyone understands how urgent things are. She also loves how everyone is working together towards a common goal. Haidy considers the office to be like a second home and is often referred to as the mama bear of the office!

“I think of all these little snot nosed rugrats as my kids, my biggest complaint is probably my hand getting sore from all the spankings I give out…hand me my belt! Not really… I love y’all!”

Haidy is an operations and underwriting manager for bluepoint MORTGAGE. She has been with the company since their birth – Three years!

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