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2020 Real Estate Trend Predictions

It was a crazy year for the housing market; the prices of homes went up 3.3% more than it did last year. The question is, will the prices continue to rise or will they plateau? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, find out what real estate trends are coming your way for 2020! Home […]

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The Difference Between Closed-End & Open-End Credit

To the average consumer, the world of loans, mortgages, and financing can be confusing and stressful. As a broker, it’s important to understand the difference between the different types of credit and their associated loans so you can advise your borrowers on their best path towards homeownership. Closed-End Credit Closed-end credit is a type of […]

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Getting a Career as a Wholesale Account Executive

As a mortgage account executive your main job is to develop and manage national or regional sales activities of mortgage broker networks or third party channels. They have a general knowledge of all loan products and guidelines because they provide advice and assistance to approved brokers.    Account executives work as mediators between mortgage brokers […]

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How Bonds Affect Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage rates do not exist in a bubble. Behind every mortgage purchased, people and institutions are looking to profit by investing their money in mortgage bonds and mortgage-backed securities. As with any financial decision, financial experts look at the big picture to determine how to play their hand. It’s a lot to understand, but it […]

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What Does an Underwriter Do?

The underwriter. He sounds like a superhero or a villain. In your life, he could be either. What is an underwriter and what does he do? If you are in the market to buy a house, you may find out very soon. An underwriter is a mystery person with a huge influence on your life […]

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How to Create a Healthy and Thriving Work Environment

Creating and promoting a healthy workplace environment is essential to having a strong workforce that will last into the future. Valuing employees can bring them happiness and all-around wellness outside of the workplace.  What is a Healthy Workplace Environment?   A healthy work environment is one that goes beyond physical health. Things like standing desks […]

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Bluepointer of the Week! – Barry Michael

Barry Michael is our bluepointer of the week! He and the bluepoint team recently dominated the competition, and placed first in the Southwest Softball League!  “When I came up to bat with the bases loaded and two outs in the seventh inning, I looked in the other dugout and everyone was already packing their bags.” […]

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Haidy posing with her husband and two daughters on the beach

Bluepointer of the Week! – Haidy Ibrahim

Haidy Ibrahim is crazy about her family. She is a mom to two silly and smart girls who she couldn’t be more proud of! She is originally from Cairo, Egypt but is now living it up in the cool state of California.  Haidy says the best thing about bluepoint MORTGAGE is that everyone understands how […]

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