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How Should a Broker Apply for a Mortgage?

If your clients are stressing out about buying a new home, you should try to help and alleviate their stress during this process. Alleviating your client’s stress about becoming a homeowner will help you close the homes your clients are looking into. Don’t apply for a mortgage alone, applying for a mortgage with a brokerage is the best option!


When applying for a mortgage the best time for your client to start is why they are in the process of looking for homes. You will need some information about your client before you start applying for their mortgage. Things like their telephone number, their credit card information, pay stubs and monthly payments. A credit report on your client will make it easier for you and your brokerage to look up information on their credit score and to help your client find the best mortgage. 


The earlier you start applying for a mortgage, the quicker you can get your client into the house of their dreams. If a loan application is prepared ahead of time the loan can be processed much more quickly.

Where do Real Estate Agents Begin?

When applying for a mortgage there are many steps. To start, you should talk to your client and find out what their dream home entails and start looking for houses. Also, you want to talk to your clients about their price range and how much they are able to afford. Having a budget to guide you will help the buying process go smoothly.


Sometimes your clients can lose their property because they borrow more money than they can afford to. Discussing your client’s debt to income ratio is very important when helping them find a loan.

What are the Types of Loans?

Now you have to establish which type of mortgage your client is going to apply for. Each type of loan has different requirements. FHA loans are a mortgage issued by a federal housing administration (FHA)-approved lender and insured. 


Here are some loan products bluepoint MORTGAGE offers:


  • Standard Streamline
  • 203H


  • Standard 
  • IRRL


  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac


  • Prime
  • Lite
  • Investor DTI
  • Investor DSCR



Some loans will have fixed rates and this means they will always charge your client the same amount throughout the process. You want to determine which home loans have the perfect interest rate for your client’s needs so that you can ensure great mortgage rates and so they are able to make their mortgage payments.

Things Needed for a Loan

You will need to make sure you have all of the needed documents. Here is another list of important documents your client will need when applying for a mortgage:


  • Tax returns
  • Paystubs, W2s or proof of income
  • All assets and bank statements
  • Credit history
  • Gift letters
  • Photo ID
  • Renting history


Contacting mortgage brokers or lenders is totally common. A mortgage broker can offer help or suggestions in terms of finding the right loan for you. When you have found a property to close, you can begin the mortgage application process. Then you are one step closer to closing your home!

Mortgages with bluepoint MORTGAGE

Call the experts at bluepoint MORTGAGE today to receive a consultation about what mortgages are best for your client. We will help them save money in the long run and hopefully save you time! Bluepoint MORTGAGE is here to make sure you are able to close your home with your client.


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