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How to Create a Healthy and Thriving Work Environment

Creating and promoting a healthy workplace environment is essential to having a strong workforce that will last into the future. Valuing employees can bring them happiness and all-around wellness outside of the workplace. 

What is a Healthy Workplace Environment?


A healthy work environment is one that goes beyond physical health. Things like standing desks and mandatory breaks are great, but a healthy work environment also needs to be fit for the mental wellness of its employees. That means mitigating turnover, absenteeism, and improves productivity. 

A Healthy Culture

Every company is defined by its work, goals, and values that create a general standard for its employees to follow. A healthy culture is part of the key to creating a place of work that values employees — by valuing the wellbeing of their employees explicitly. 

Creating a positive work culture that allows its employees’ room to breathe, take needed days off, and reducing stressful elements such as last-minute deadlines and unrealistic workloads, can all contribute to a better workplace. While some may think at first glance that this sort of workplace would never get anything done, it has been proven to be great for productivity in the long run. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, a healthy work environment also takes an employee’s physical health into account. A healthy work environment involves the occupational health & safety of the employees. A workplace that can cause injury or that is chronically unsanitary can cause employees stress and result in injuries or illness. 

Keep track of broken furniture, cracking ceilings, or fire hazards, and make sure to solve these problems quickly. 

Other solutions that contribute to a physically healthy work environment can be things that encourage good health. For office settings, this can mean standing desks or an opportunity to take a walk away from their office chair for a few minutes every day. For more physical work such as factories, workshops, or kitchens, a place to sit or relax for a few minutes every day can also make a huge difference. 

Supportive Leaders

As humans, it is inevitable to have problems come up both in and out of work. The emotions that come with dealing with these problems will also inevitably affect the workplace. 

Whether the problem involves something that has come up in the job or personal life, it should be the leadership’s responsibility to help their team deal with the core of these problems. Even if it means merely offering emotional support and caring. Knowing that your leaders, managers, and bosses have your back does wonders for employee morale and turnover rates. 

How to Promote a Healthy Work Environment

With those things in mind, how do we create and promote a healthy culture at work? As an employee, it is essential to do your best work while also trying to continually improve the workplace and hold your team and yourself accountable. For employers and leaders, it is vital to prioritize employees and take different steps to make sure their wellbeing is taken care of, such as:

  • Promoting and encouraging personal wellness in your employees
  • Engaging with people one-on-one
  • Sufficient break time
  • Maintaining a clean and comfortable work setting
  • Stocking healthy snacks and water at the workplace

 However, a truly healthy work environment differs from job to job and industry to industry. Make sure that above all else, the employees are being listened to and prioritized.

Work Where It’s Healthy

Bluepoint MORTGAGE prides itself on promoting a positive work environment aimed at encouraging our employees to succeed. We believe a positive workplace breeds good leaders and creates more opportunities for both our employees and our company. If you’re interested in a career in mortgage lending, check out bluepoint MORTGAGE.

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