Jumbo Loans

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When your client is interested in applying for a mortgage that’s slightly out of their price range, consider working with Bluepoint to introduce them to jumbo loans. This loan type allows them to borrow a larger amount of money for a property than the normal conforming loan. Learn more about our jumbo loans for your clients.

What Is a Jumbo Loan?

Jumbo loans allow for a borrower to apply for a home loan that may be bigger than the conforming loan limits originally set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The most common need for Jumbo loans is when a borrower wants to borrow more money than the federal conforming loans normally allow.

Additionally, while most loans require a lower down payment, jumbo loans require a much larger down payment, often around 20% of the purchasing price. Depending on your client’s financial situation, jumbo loans may also have higher mortgage rates. In some cases, however, it’s possible that some lenders will offer rates that are competitive with conforming loans.

We can help you build a loan for your borrower to purchase their dream home or even an investment property. We’ll lay out clear and easy to understand guidelines and requirements for you and your borrower.

Wholesale jumbo loans from Bluepoint Mortgage

Our minimum loan amount for a jumbo loan is $484,351 for a primary home investment. Additionally, we require a minimum credit score of 680 when your borrower applies for this loan.

Each borrower must have a minimum of three open tradelines active for the past twenty-four months. Two of the three tradelines must show some activity within the last twelve months. Also, one tradeline must be an installment whether it is a rental or mortgage account.


Let us help get your clients approved for jumbo loans. Our lending experts are here to support brokers in getting the proper funding. Call us today to learn more about our rates and the different types of loans we offer.


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