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Steps to Building a Culture of Trust in the Workplace

Being a trustworthy leader in the workplace is important. It is crucial to gain the trust of your employees and for you to trust them. Qualities of a trustworthy leader would include being dependable, being approachable, showing support for your employees and ensuring your words match your actions. 

Your actions matter if you want your employees to trust you. It starts with the leader at every level to create a bond that will motivate your employees and make your business successful. Here are some tips for building trust in the workplace:

Ways to Build Trust

Be Supportive and Honest

Don’t tell people what you think they want to hear, tell them the truth. Your employees need to know the facts, so deliver the facts while being considerate of their feelings as well. Showing your team support and understanding them not only as your employees but as people, will go a long way. Don’t only show support during success, show support even when mistakes are made. 

Be Consistent

Being consistent with your words and actions is the quickest way to gain someone’s trust. Don’t only do it occasionally – you won’t build trust being flaky. Keep your commitments and you’ll see how fast you gain your team members’ trust. 

Model the Behavior You Want Your Employees to Have

Nothing defines a company’s culture more than their leader’s behavior. Their behavior influences employees’ actions. If you want your employees to work hard, you have to work hard too. Make sure to reward employees for great work and be there for them when they’re struggling – this is how trust is built. 

Realize Building Trust Takes Work

Trust is earned not given. It stems from your conscious efforts to make sure your actions match your words and how well you keep promises. Building up your level of trust is worth the effort because once trust is lost it’s hard to gain it back. Your work environment should be a place where you and your employees trust each other. A lack of trust can also result in a lack of productivity. 

Actively Listen

Actively listen to your employees’ needs and concerns. Make sure everyone has a chance to voice their opinion and explain how certain projects or tasks make them feel. Employee engagement is important because it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to things they may be struggling with. 


If you as a leader acknowledge your mistakes and successes, it’ll make employees see you as credible and follow in your footsteps. This will make them want to be accountable as well. You can encourage honest dialogue by giving positive/negative feedback on projects, as well as giving tips on how to improve the quality of work. 


Trust is the foundation to just about anything – if you want your team to be successful in day to day tasks at work, you need trust. People trust you based on your actions and attitude. Building trust in the workplace will create a positive work culture and high-level productivity. Trust also makes employees want to come into work because they enjoy being there.

Trust in Bluepoint Mortgage

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