Investment Property Loans

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

Designed for borrowers who want to expand their real-estate investment portfolio using cash flow from rental property. No personal income required.


See historical rental trends for any given area. A custom rent analysis will be emailed to you directly by clicking on the button below and completing the form.

DSCR Calculator

Calculate the debt service coverage ratio for investment property loans.


  • Min. Loan Amount $125K
  • Max Loan Amount $3MM
  • 30 & 40 Yr. I/O Option Available
  • LTVs as High as 80%
  • FICOs as low as 620
  • 2-4 Units
  • Condos OK
  • No W2s, or Tax Returns Collected
  • First Time Investors Allowed
  • Foreign Nationals OK
  • Cash-out can be Used as Reserves
  • State license not required in most states. See list of states


  • No-Ratio DSCR (Gold)
    Min FICO 740

    Max 75% LTV
    Max Loan Amount $1MM
  • No Reserve Requirement (Platinum)
    DSCR 1.0+
    ≤ 70% LTV
    Max Loan Amount $1.5MM
  • Maximize Your Cash-out (Titanium & Gold)
    DSCR 1.00+
    LTV/CLTV ≤ 70%

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