FHA Loans

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FHA Loans are available to all, but most of the time, they’re offered to first-time home buyers or moderate-lower income buyers. There aren’t any income qualifications for an FHA loan; however, your client must meet certain other qualifications to get approved. Learn more about FHA loans from BluePoint Mortgage and how they allow your borrowers to get approved without having to remedy a blemished credit history.

General Requirements of FHA Loans

The purpose of FHA loans is to purchase, refinance the current rate term, or refinance cash out on the home your borrower is attempting to buy. The available terms for these types of loans are 15 and 30 year fixed-rate mortgages. The same options are also available for high balance terms if your client qualifies. The minimum credit score to qualify for one of these loans is 580.

Help for your clients with damaged credit

Although FHA loan approval is based on credit score, we have options for your clients who have damaged credit due to bankruptcy. We’ll evaluate their credit history, including how long it’s been since the file and whether or not the client has been able to pay back some of the debt. We offer several types of loans depending on your borrower’s financial situation. We take the time to evaluate the state of the housing market and the home’s price to help you deliver the best deal to your clients.

Close your FHA loan fast

At Bluepoint Mortgage, we have access to the best underwriting resources, and we pride ourselves in a quick loan approval turnaround time. Consult with our professionals on what your client needs, and we’ll deliver the best loan options to get them in their dream home fast.

BluePoint Mortgage is a direct seller to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae, meaning we can offer flexible mortgage options that suit your borrowers.


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