P&L ONLY loans

Working with entrepreneurs?

A True P&L Loan Tailored for the business-savvy borrower


No Bank Statements required to support net income

Are you struggling to find suitable mortgage options for your self-employed clients? Traditional mortgage plans often don't cut it. Our Profit and Loss (P&L) Loan Program uses a 12-month Profit and Loss statements for qualification. Expand your client base with this game-changing program.

P&L Only Loan Features:

  • 80% Max LTV on Purchase / Rate & Term / Cash Out
  • 100% Down Payment can be gift for LTV < 75%
  • Max Loan Amount $3.5MM
  • Temporary Buydown option available
  • Min. FICO 660

What's Required:

  • CPA/EA/CTEC/Tax Attorney prepared 12-month P&L statement
  • Borrower’s business documents, if applicable
  • Verify Tax Preparer status of license
  • P&L Statement & Tax Attestation


P&L Loans

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