P&L Loans

Help Self-Employed Borrowers Get the Mortgage They Need

BluePoint Mortgage has developed our P&L (Profit and Loss) loan program with the goal of helping you serve more self-employed borrowers in mind! This groundbreaking initiative empowers your clients to utilize their business income as a means of qualifying for a mortgage. By relying on profit and loss statements, the application process is streamlined, eliminating the need for excessive documentation submission. This means your clients can potentially qualify for a mortgage based on their business earnings, even if their personal income falls short of traditional mortgage prerequisites!


The versatility of the P&L loan program is impressive. It accommodates various real estate goals, including financing for primary residences, second homes, and investments. First-time homebuyers who are self-employed also benefit from our program’s structure, fostering further greater accessibility to homeownership. As a mortgage broker, this widens your potential client base and enhances your competitive edge!


For self-employed clients who grapple with personal income requirements, particularly those who claim substantial deductions during tax season, our P&L loan program emerges as an ideal solution. With loan amounts reaching up to $3 million, BluePoint Mortgage’s P&L program provides a tailored answer to the hurdles faced by self-employed borrowers! Adding another layer of convenience, the P&L loan program features interest-only payment options. This empowers your clients with enhanced control over their monthly cash flow, affording them greater financial flexibility.


P&L Loans

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