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Loan Products

BluePoint Mortgage is a direct seller to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae, which allows us to offer a wide range of flexible mortgage solutions that suit your borrowers. BluePoint Mortgage also offers Non-QM solutions for your underserved borrowers, such as small business owners, investors, and self-employed individuals.

Conventional & Government Loans


Eliminate the barrier of a down payment and enable your clients to realize their homeownership dreams.

  • 96.5% LTV FHA 30yr Fixed 1st
  • Combined with a 3.5% LTV 10yr Fixed 2nd
  • Min. FICO 600
  • 100% Financing

No MI - Conventional

The NoMoMI Financing is available in designated income areas or census tracts. No mortgage insurance requirements

  • Up to 97% CLTV/LTV for FTHB
  • Up to 95% CLTV/LTV for Experienced Home Owners
  • Min. FICO 640 


Designed to make homeownership more accessible for FTHBs & those with lower credit scores.

  • Min. FICO 550
  • Manual Underwriting available


HomeReady® and Home Possible® available, flexible funding options, waived LLPAs for first-time homebuyers, restrictions apply.
Min. FICO 620


Help secure welfare and homeownership for veterans and their families, VA loan benefits include no down payment, simple underwriting, low rates, and flexible qualification guidelines. Min. FICO 620, up to LTV/CLTV 100%.

CA Dream For All

Aimed at enabling first-generation Californians to own homes. This program, notable for its down payment assistance via a shared appreciation model. Up to 20% Down Payment Assistance,  capped at $150,000.


Designed to provide affordable housing options for low-to-moderate income homebuyers. Min. FICO 640 and up to LTV/CLTV 96.5/100%

CalHFA Conventional

Tailored toward a market of both first-time homebuyers and low-income borrowers, this option offers flexible, low down payment mortgage options. Min. FICO 680 and up to LTV/CLTV 97/100%

Temporary Buydown

Make homeownership more affordable! Reduce your client's monthly payments by securing a lower interest rate for up to 2 years.

Non-QM Loans


Our Debt Service Coverage Ratio loan allows your borrower to present cash flow from rental property income to qualify vs. traditional proof of income. No Ratio option available, Short Term Rentals Ok.

  • FICOs as low as 620 (Max 75% LTV)
  • LTVs up to 80% (Min. FICO 640)
  • Max Loan Amount $3MM
  • Cash-out may be used as reserves

Bank Statement Loan

Working with clients self-employed?
Qualify them using just 12 months of bank statements, tax returns not required.

  • FICOs as low as 660 (Max 80% LTV)
  • LTVs up to 90% (Min. FICO 680 FICO)
  • Max Loan Amount $3.5MM
  • 2-1 temporary buydown available

P&L Loan

A Profit and Loss (P&L) statement can be presented to qualify your borrower based upon their business income rather than personal earnings. No supporting documents required, ideal for self-employed and small business owners. Must be CPA, CTEC, or EA compiled.
FICOs as low as 660, LTVs up to 80%, Max Loan Amount $3MM

Full Doc

Ideal for those who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Available for wage earners and self-employed borrowers with income to support a conventional loan but are unable to qualify. FICOs as low as 660, LTVs up to 90%, Max Loan Amount $3.5MM

Closed-End Second Mortgage

Offer your borrowers the option to tap into the equity of their home, enabling them to cover significant expenses. FICOs as low as 680, Loan Amounts up to $750K, CLTVs up to 90%

1099 Loan

Tailored to meet the unique needs of your borrowers who are classified as independent contractors and gig workers by using a 12 month total average to determine qualifying income (10% expense factor added), FICOs as low as 660, LTVs up to 90%, Max Loan Amount $3MM

Asset Utilization

Ideal for retired individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs. Use Liquid Assets to Qualify your borrower for a home loan such as checking, saving, stocks, IRA, 401K, and more. FICOs as low as 700, LTVs up to 80%, Max Loan Amount $3MM

iTIN Premier

No SSN#? No problem! Designed for those who have both an individual tax identification number (ITIN) and an established credit history.
FICOs as low as 680, LTVs up to 85%, Max Loan Amount $1.25MM

iTIN Close Call

No credit score? No problem! Open up the opportunity for non-U.S. citizens to become homeowners broadening the market by boasting no credit score requirement with up to 75% LTV. Max LTV 80% w/ 660+ FICO

BluePoint Mortgage, a direct seller to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae, specializes in a broad spectrum of wholesale mortgage options. Our focus includes innovative Non-QM lending for underserved borrowers like small business owners, investors, and self-employed individuals, ensuring comprehensive mortgage solutions for diverse financial needs.


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